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Craft Hard Seltzer

Is there such a thing as Craft Hard Seltzer?

Ahhh…the ‘C’ word.

Craft is a tricky bugger to pin down, isn’t it. 

Is Craft the core preserve of small, artisanal, bearded types who painstakingly produce their wares in a garage in Hoxton? Or can it also be defended by behemoth multinational brands who have had skills passed down through generations, from grandmother to mother to son and are now produced in meticulous, state of the art distilleries?

There was a study in the USA some time ago that suggested that, to most people, ‘Craft’ was simply seen as ‘the little guy’ going up against the big guy.

If this is true, then the answer to the question ‘Is there such a thing as Craft Hard Seltzer’ in the UK would simply be - every single Hard Seltzer is a Craft Hard Seltzer…each one of us trying to create a new category against the titans of beer, wine and spirits. We are all 'the little guy’.

But that feels a bit too simplistic.

Perhaps it is the wrong ‘C’ word to be focusing on. 

Perhaps there is another we should be thinking about? 

No, not that one.

For us, it is about Care…consideration, even…or cwality…

OK, that doesn’t begin with C, I know. But you get the gist.

That is whey we wanted to deliver with Lilo. 

Elevate every single aspect to see how we could be the ultimate, elevated, crafted expression of this new, emerging category.

Each Lilo flavour is made using a bespoke botanical spirit - not just an off the shelf neutral spirit, or standard fermented base, which many in our category use. This spirit is made by an award-winning distiller - who softly folds in different botanicals to perfectly complement each of our flavours - White Grape & Elderflower and Cranberry & Rosehip. Such care and attention creates a depth and complexity that is unusual for a category built on refreshment.

Hard Seltzer as a category prides itself on being lo-cal…and we have one of the lowest calories in the category. Just 50 cal’s a can. That is a little bit more than a Jaffa cake. We could have taken it lower, but you start to lose the rich taste. It’s all a fine balance.

And this care extends to the outside of the can too, with specially commissioned artwork from award-winning Brighton designer, Maria Rivans. Her work has adorned the finest galleries in the world…and now you can hold it in your hand.

So, is there such a thing as a ‘Craft Hard Seltzer’? We will let you decide…but you won’t find a more carefully curated one than Lilo…and we are delighted that the likes of Harrods, Daylesford and others agree. 

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