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What Is A Hard Seltzer? Lilo Hard Seltzer Cans

What's a Hard Seltzer?

Hard Seltzers - The American drinks phenomenon that’s creating a sparkle in the UK

Did you know that only 7% of the UK population currently know what a hard seltzer is? As you’re reading this, we’re going to assume that you’re in that 7% so congratulations you hard seltzer hipster you.

But what's a hard seltzer?

Hard seltzer isn’t a term we are used to hearing in the UK, but simply put, it is the biggest American drinks phenomenon since 1886 when a pharmacist in Atlanta created a syrup from the coca leaf and cola nut to startling effect. Hard seltzer is a phenomenon that is crossing the Atlantic at pace, and spreading fast across Europe and the rest of the world.

Hard seltzers are lightly flavoured alcoholic sparkling waters, made with a spirit base, [usually a fermented cane spirit or a cheap vodka style of alcohol, although not in our case]. This alcoholic base is then blended with sparkling water and normally a natural fruit style flavouring.

The term ‘hard’ in America is used to mean alcoholic and ‘seltzer’ is simply the American for carbonated water. So next time you’re in America, maybe think twice about ordering a hard lemonade for your children?!     

Why are hard seltzers so BIG in America?

The main and fairly simple reason for hard seltzers' meteoric rise is that they are significantly lower in calories than most other mixed alcoholic drinks. They also tend to be gluten free, vegan and quite often 0g sugar and Lilo ticks all of these boxes. 

What makes Lilo so special?

The name Lilo actually stands for lighter and lower as not only are we one of the lowest calories hard seltzers at 50 calories per 250ml, we are also 3.5%ABV which makes us lighter in alcohol than most of the competition. 

But for us it’s not all about the things that we don’t have - we think we've created the best tasting hard seltzer ever.

When we were creating Lilo we tried several spirit bases to compliment our natural Grape & Elderflower and Cranberry & Rosehip flavours, but none of the usual alcohols really hit the mark. So, with the help of an award winning Scottish distiller, we commissioned two unique botanical spirits specifically designed for our flavour combinations. 

Our botanical spirit isn’t just an ingredient, it was made for our hard seltzers which is why they pair so well and taste so much better than the competition. You can find some of our favourite ways to serve Lilo here.

Hard seltzers appear to be here to stay and we are super pleased that you’ve discovered Lilo so early on your journey… Please ENJOY [responsibly of course]! 
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