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vegan and gluten free

with natural botanicals

only 3.5% ABV

low alcohol - 0.9 units per can

What is Hard Seltzer?

Hard Seltzers began in America about 3 years ago and they have taken the states by storm. In some states they outsell beer!

In broad terms - hard seltzer is a flavoured, alcoholic sparkling water that is fairly neutral in taste and very low in calories.

Hard selzer also tends to be vegan and gluten free (like ours) so it's often adopted by the more health conscious hedonist.

Our Flavour Inspiration

We were inspired to create a refined take on the Hard Seltzer wave. We've used a unique botanical spirit to enhance our natural flavours, creating a hard seltzer that is lighter and lower (and lovelier by far!).

Cranberry & Rosehip and White Grape & Elderflower are designed to tickle your senses and to elevate you from the everyday.

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