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Lilo- it’s NOT just what’s on the inside that counts!

Lilo- it’s NOT just what’s on the inside that counts!

We hate to be in any way superficial..but bear with us.

Yes - we’ve got delicious, award-winning liquid in our alcoholic water…but our mission was to make Lilo a thing of beauty outside as well as in.
Style AND substance.
Yin AND Yang.
Posh AND Becks.

…sorry…lost my way there a bit…but you get the gist.

So - we are totally chuffing chuffed to have recently won an award for our fabulous can design - created by our amazing artist in residence, Maria Rivans.

In The Spirits Business Design Masters of December 2021 “We Got Gold (Gold)…”
(feel free to sing that last bit.)

It’s a great compliment to Rivans’ can design - created with her signature style of re-appropriating vintage ephemera to create dreamy realms bursting with vivid colour, intricate detail and a dusting of subtle humour.

Inspired by the name Lilo (whose name immediately conjures images of fun, sun dappled pools, and the sea), Maria conceived a unique brand world where surreal, giant fruits and botanicals bounce around urban landscapes on the can - in a timeless homage to holidays, great escapes and creativity.

A can of Lilo is literally like holding a piece of art in your hand.
You’re welcome.

Maria’s can design also totally echoes the flavoursome, low-calorie alcoholic water contained within. Refreshing, light and modern. You can almost taste the surfboard and flying suitcase from her design. Almost.

Lilo’s unique flavour meant The Spirits Business had already bestowed Lilo a ‘Gold Award’ (for its White Grape & Elderflower flavour) and an even more sought-after ‘Masters Award’ (for its Cranberry & Rosehip flavour). There really is nothing like winning an award to put a spring in your step. It’s like someone in the street saying they like your shoes.

Obviously having a sexy can design is also helpful when we are trying to launch a new brand…into a category that not many people know about! ‘

'You had me at hello’ can design will hopefully help Lilo whisper into the eyes (?) of the drink-curious out there and bring them into the hard seltzer / ‘alcoholic water’ party, picnic or beach BBQ…complete with low calories, zero sugar, no gluten and just 3.5%ABV.

Lilo. Good times never tasted (or looked) so good!

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