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Meet The Team

Lilo is an independent start-up from a group of old friends in the drinks industry.
After years spent advising some of the biggest drinks brands in the world, they have come together to launch their own brands - starting with Lilo.

Designed in Brighton. Crafted in Glasgow.

A work of art on the inside - be it our handcrafted Botanical Spirit or award-winning Hard Seltzer.

A work of art on the outside - thanks to acclaimed artist, Maria Rivans’ unique brand world.

Lilo, Live Lightly.

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Our Scottish Boss (and mum of two)

Lilo is headed up by MD, Hannah Fisher, a working mother determined to have the best of all worlds!

“We wanted to make a great-tasting Hard Seltzer that tastes as good as it looks.

Lighter in calories and lower in alcohol, yes, but without compromising on flavour...and beautifully designed too.

Lilo Hard Seltzer did exactly that - using only natural ingredients, pure sparkling Scottish water and uniquely distilled botanical spirits.

These spirits were so, so good - we decided to release it in its own right...and Lilo Zing was born!"

What is a Botanical Spirit?

Imagine a gin without juniper...that's a Botanical Spirit.

You can use it to make all your favourite gin serves - G&T, Martini, Negroni - whatever.

Our botanical spirit, Lilo Zing, is distilled by an award-winning distiller using all-natural botanicals including lemon verbena and orange peel. It's refershingly you would expect!

What is a Hard Seltzer?

Put simply, it is alcoholic sparkling water.
The category started in America, where 'Seltzer' means non-alcoholic sparkling drink and 'Hard' is a term for ‘alcoholic’.

How is Hard Seltzer made?

There is no single way…but there is usually an alcoholic ‘base’ which then is flavoured and diluted with carbonated water.

Lilo is different in that we make a botanical spirit base - so there is rich flavour in our alcoholic base. More complicated - but creates a better tasting Hard Seltzer, in our opinion. 

Are all Hard Seltzers low calorie?

Yes - that is pretty consistent…and Lilo is one of the lowest calorie alcoholic drinks in the Hard Seltzer UK market. Just 50 calories in each can.

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