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Hard Seltzer Ingredients

Hard Seltzer Ingredients

As hard seltzer is still relatively new to the UK, we get asked a lot of questions about the ingredients used to make Lilo and whether these are suitable for different dietary requirements. 

Well, wonder no more as we explain all in this complete guide to hard seltzer nutrition! We outline exactly what goes into making Lilo Hard Seltzer and who can enjoy it (spoiler alert: as a vegan, gluten free, low alcohol, low carb, low sugar and low alcohol drink it’s most people!)

Lilo hard seltzer ingredients

Let’s start at the very beginning and look at ingredients. Hard seltzer is essentially flavoured alcoholic sparkling water made with an alcoholic base and flavourings - but not all hard seltzers are created equal. 

Water - The primary ingredient in any hard seltzer is water. As a result, we think it’s crucial that the water selected is of the highest quality. That’s why we use only soft Scottish water in our lightly sparkling seltzers. 

Alcohol - Next up is the alcoholic base. Some of the bigger brands use vodka or a basic white spirit, but not Lilo! We have had two high quality botanical craft spirits made just for us by an award-winning Scottish distillery. Each includes specific botanicals that have been selected to perfectly complement the Lilo flavours. Lemon peel and verbena are infused in our White Grape & Elderflower spirit, with ginger and grains of paradise in our Cranberry & Rosehip spirit.

Fruit extracts - The delicious fruity flavour behind any good quality hard seltzer comes from, you guessed it, fruit! For Lilo that means selecting the best quality fruit extracts we can find to produce a premium taste. It’s this attention to quality that won us ‘Gold’ & ‘Master’ awards at the Spirits Business Awards 2021.

Is hard seltzer gluten free?

Yes! Lilo hard seltzers are completely gluten free, which makes them an ideal choice for anyone who has a gluten allergy or is sensitive to gluten. There is no gluten used at any stage of making Lilo - don’t worry ‘grains of paradise’ are not really a grain at all, but a lovely peppery aromatic seed.

Can vegans drink hard seltzer?

Yes! Lilo hard seltzers are the ultimate vegan alcoholic drinks, with no meat or dairy products used at any point during the manufacturing process. So if you’re wondering what alcohol you can drink on a plant based diet, hard seltzer is a firm win. 

Is hard seltzer low sugar?

Yes! We can’t speak for other brands, but Lilo has a nice round 0 grams of sugar. Who says sparkling alcoholic drinks need to be overly sweet and sugary? Our fruity spritzes provide a well balanced flavour without the sugar content. 

Is hard seltzer low carb?

Yes! In fact Lilo hard seltzers contain precisely 0 grams of carbohydrate, making them the perfect accompaniment to a low carb diet - whether that’s keto, slow carb, or just wanting to save your carbs allowance for something else! 

Is hard seltzer low calorie?

With 0g of sugar and 0 carbs it will probably come as no shock to you by now that Lilo hard seltzer is also significantly lower in calories than other alcoholic drinks. 

Each refreshing 250ml can of Lilo contains just 50 calories, making them some of the lightest hard seltzers available. How does this compare to other alcoholic drinks? Well, a double gin and slimline tonic contains around 120 calories and a large glass of white wine can contain over 200! So, if you’re counting the calories you’ve just found your new favourite drink.

Is hard seltzer low alcohol?

Well Lilo hard seltzer is certainly lower and lighter than many in its category! This is an area where different brands will take their own approach, but generally hard seltzer alcohol content is lower than other drinks options in the UK.

Lilo’s 3.5% abv makes it the perfect choice for a cheeky midweek tipple as well as a weekend treat. As a comparison, most beers are 4-5% abv, a premixed gin and tonic is usually 5% and wine tends to be 14-15% abv. Though as always with any alcohol, please enjoy responsibly! 

So there you have it! Hard seltzers are the best, low carb, vegan, gluten free, low calorie alcoholic drinks in the UK right now and as our name suggests, we are lighter in alcohol and lower in calories, whilst still keeping our premium taste. Finally there is a great tasting drinks option for all you health conscious hedonists out there. And with all the rave reviews we’re getting from the likes of Delicious, Cosmopolitan, The Evening Standard and The Telegraph, Lilo is definitely the UK’s hard seltzer brand of choice!

Get yourself over to our online shop to pick up both of our award-winning hard seltzer flavours and enjoy!
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