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Who drinks Lilo hard seltzer?

Who Drinks Hard Seltzers and Where Can You Find Us?

In our last blog we covered what Hard Seltzers are and why you just may give a damn. 
In this latest Hard Seltzer rambleog we’re going to tackle 2 questions that we get a lot. Namely who are Hard Seltzer's designed for and where [should you care] can you actually purchase them?
One of the most remarkable factors in the inexorable American rise of Hard Seltzers is how broad the demographic of Hard Seltzer drinkers are. Women, men [anything in between of course] old, young, animal, vegetable or mineral - it seems that the Hard Seltzer category has created fervent fans from every walk of life and at every stage of it.
On the one hand this is great for Hard Seltzer brands. The potential audience is effectively massive. However this also raises its own issues as brands and marketing types [me again] do like to have something to aim for, which is hard when our fans could be as varied as ‘Rosie’  - a 19 year old engineering student from Glasgow to Alan an 83 year old retired army major from Rye. 
So much breadth makes it hard to know exactly who we should be speaking to and as a smaller brand, we’ve decided to buck the generalist trend by pinning the tail on the proverbial marketing donkey by being hyper focused. Which is why when asked who Lilo is for, we can happily tell you that it’s for our Susan who’s 32, lives in Dulwich and is a freelance Fintech journalist. She’s married with 2 children and enjoys rock climbing and salsa dancing [although seldom together]. 
Very glad to have answered that question for you. On to question two... what is Lilo's natural habitat and where can we be purchased? [this is for you Susan]. 
Well, we are immensely proud to be the only Hard Seltzer deemed premium enough to be sold at Harrods. They tasted all the others and chose us. Which is nothing short of fabulous.
However if you don’t happen to be local to Harrods[!] we are also available in a number of other smaller boutique bars and shops throughout the UK and if you don’t like leaving the house, maybe the easiest way to sample our wares is to head to our online store,
Hopefully this answers the questions you may not have even known you had? If you are still reading this then your name is almost definitely Susan...and if you are THE Susan, then do drop us a line as we'd love to give you a free six-pack.
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